First of Many

Hello Everyone,

Um…oh god, why did I decide to do this? Oh right, because why the hell not.

My name is Jemery. Yes Jemery. Not Jeremy, Jemery. It’s been my nickname for years going back decades. If you haven’t guessed my first name is Jennifer and my last name is Emery. Get it? J Emery? Jemery? Ok anyway moving on.

I bought this site on a whim and an idea to create the most ridiculous thing I could think of as a millennial who thinks other millennials are “too much”. Which is kind of ironic considering “blogging” is the national sport of millennials. Well that and asking their parents for money because “my boss at work just didn’t mesh well with my no work vibe and fired me, go figure.” *insert eyeroll emoji*.

Oh god, emojis.

I will lol a lot in my entries. I will give the ol tried and true XD emoji. Hell I may even throw in a ❤ or two.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. Or don’t who am I to tell you what to do?!




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